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TVB英文插曲:angel - no matter(点金胜手第6集)2017-04-19
由黄宗泽、胡定欣、徐子珊等主演的香港电视剧《点金胜手》正在播出,在第六集中周辛勇回忆过去饰想起的英文歌曲深受大家的喜爱,据悉这首歌曲为Angel的《No Matter》,下面小编为大家分享一下这首歌曲的歌词,一起来欣赏一下吧!
TVB英文插曲:Back Here(创世纪)2017-04-19
Are you ever coming back in my life? Cos here I am so alone And there
TVB英文插曲:I will be the one(陀槍師姐、十萬噸情緣)2017-04-19
I will be the one,陀枪师姐插曲,剧中陈小生和卫英姿的主题曲。
TVB英文插曲:the sound of silence(天地男儿)2017-04-19
寂静之声(THE SOUND OF SILENCE)在1967年作为美国电影《毕业生》的主题歌,是20世纪60年代民歌二人组Simon和Garfunkel的成名作。
TVB情事緝私檔案英文插曲:A Winning Hand2017-04-19
TVB情事緝私檔案英文插曲:A Winning Hand
TVB天涯俠醫英文插曲:In Love Again2017-04-19
TVB天涯俠醫英文插曲:In Love Again
TVB争分夺秒英文插曲:Heaven Knows2017-04-19
She’s always on my mind From the time I wake up til I close my eyes.
TVB隔世追凶英文插曲:Someone There For Me2017-04-19
TVB隔世追凶英文插曲:Someone There For Me
TVB天与地英文插曲:Nichole Alden:baby now2017-04-19
Or will my baby come running back to play? Is my conscience required to stay? Or can we just go home so we can work this thing out?
TVB法证先锋法文插曲:entre los dos2017-04-19
Duele el amor, sin ti没有你的爱情让人受伤Duele hasta matar…痛得要命
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:My Love will get you home2017-04-19
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:My Love will get you home,这首英文插曲,在tvb之前的连续剧《溏心风暴》中也出现过,看来tvb编剧们很喜欢这首歌。
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:Talk To Me2017-04-19
i don't know if we could be the same baby just talk with me cause i want you to stay here with me i want you to stay here with me
TVB法证先锋英文插曲:If we were together2017-04-19
i will adore you like this if we were together in love forever.
TVB法证先锋II英文插曲:you are my angel2017-04-19
TVB法证先锋II英文插曲:you are my angel
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:Fireflies:Noella Choi2017-04-19
You might fall into something deep Standing on the edge of the night
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:Greg Hartwell Marc Lane:Be One2017-04-19
TVB法证先锋3英文插曲:Greg Hartwell Marc Lane:Be One
TVB先生贵性英文插曲:When I Need You2017-04-19
Just close my eyes and I'm with you And I need you tonight You know it's only a heart beat away
TVB冲上云宵英文插曲:Sad Moments2017-04-19
TVB冲上云宵英文插曲:Sad Moments
TVB刑事侦缉档案IV英文插曲:Big Big World2017-04-19
It's not a big big thing if you leave me.即使你离开我,也没有什么大不了的。8316.com_【官方首页】-荣鼎彩But I do feel I will miss you much ! 但我真的真的感觉到,我会非常非常想念你的。Miss you so much ! 非常想念你!
TVB壹号皇庭英文插曲:what will i do2017-04-19
TVB壹号皇庭英文插曲:what will i do
TVB壹号皇庭英文插曲:Dreaming Of You2017-04-19
With you tonight And there's nowhere in the world l'd rather be Than here in my room dreaming with you endlessly...
TVB冤家宜结不易解英文插曲:the colour of the night2017-04-19
I can't go on running from the past. Love has torn away this mask And now like clouds, like rain I'm drowning and I blame it all on you
TVB争分夺秒英文插曲:To Love You More2017-04-19
All the things that your heart needs to know And some way all the love that we had can be saved Whatever it takes we'll find a way
TVB智勇新警界英文插曲:Be My Girl2017-04-19
you’re gonna be my girl (gonna be my girl.) tonight tonight tonight, (right here with me) right here with me!
TVB智勇新警界英文插曲:make It Better Again2017-04-19
Lets get together again Lets get together again, hmmm Lets get together again。8316.com_【官方首页】-荣鼎彩。。。
TVB楝笃神探英文插曲:You're A Part Of Me2017-04-19
everywhere you go everything you do feelings are a special part of you feelings are a special part of you
TVB楝笃神探英文插曲:Someplace Good2017-04-19
TVB楝笃神探英文插曲:Someplace Good
TVB我本善良英文插曲:Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise2017-04-19
《Another Day in Paradise 天堂里的另一天》是Phil Collins 菲尔柯林斯的成名曲之一,写于1990年。
TVB英文插曲:End of the innocence 我本善良2017-04-19
Just lay your head back on the ground And let your hair fall all around me Offer up your best defense But this is the end This is the end of the innocence
TVB我本善良英文插曲:Esther - Kenny G2017-04-19
TVB我本善良英文插曲:Esther - Kenny G
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“收息进行曲”Apocalypse Warrior2017-04-19
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“收息进行曲”Apocalypse Warrior
TVB英文插曲:Yesterday Yes A Day 团圆24集2017-04-19
TVB英文插曲:Yesterday Yes A Day 团圆24集
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“逃亡进行曲”The Last Hero2017-04-19
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“逃亡进行曲”The Last Hero
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“收息进行曲”The Final Combat2017-04-19
TVB潜行狙击英文插曲:“收息进行曲”: The Final Combat
TVB英文插曲:In Love Again CIB刑事情报科2017-04-19
TVB英文插曲:In Love Again CIB刑事情报科
TVB英文插曲:From the Heart CIB刑事情报科2017-04-19
From the Heart CIB刑事情报科 插曲
TVB英文插曲:Shoulda Been Baby CIB刑事情报科2017-04-19
Tell My Heart It's Over CIB刑事情报科 插曲
TVB英文插曲:Baby, Baby CIB刑事情报科2017-04-19
ohh....yeah yeah yeah oh, baby...baby...i just can't live without you oh, baby...baby...just need you with me (just need you with me)
TVB英文插曲:you'll be my love 十万吨情缘2017-04-19
Through the sun, and all through the rain You’ll always be my love all through the rain, for all time You’ll always be, you’ll be my love
TVB英文插曲:The Color of the Night 冤家宜结不宜解2017-04-19
Love has turn away this mask And now like clouds like rain I'm drowning and I blame it all on you
TVB英文插曲:Sad Moments 冲上云霄2017-04-19
Sad Moments - Alex Williams
TVB英文插曲:Running In The Rain 妙手仁心2017-04-19
Running In The Rain 妙手仁心 背景伴奏音乐
TVB英文插曲:Miss You Finally 妙手仁心2017-04-19
Now that you're gone e reached the end I still believe Still dream of days where we were one You played with my heart
TVB英文插曲:My love will get you home 天涯侠医2017-04-19
If you wander off too far My love will get you home If you follow the wrong star My love will get you home
TVB英文插曲:In love again Anika Paris 天涯侠医2017-04-19
Tell me do you know if you have never ever Had a pretty face hurt you, and dessert you leave you out to bleed, it's bitter sweet
TVB英文插曲:I will be the one 陀枪师姐Ⅲ2017-04-19
When you need the comforts of love I will be the one Hold you when the world gets tough I will be the one
TVB英文插曲:Angel Eyes 妙手仁心2017-04-19
I know that Im not the first one Youve had love in your life befoe me But when your lips touched my lips
TVB英文插曲:Close to you 妙手仁心2017-04-19
the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true so they sprinkled moon dustin your hair and starlight in your eyes like they do
TVB英文插曲:Dont cry~妙手仁心2017-04-19
i know you want to leave but soon it will be light
TVB英文插曲:Big Big World 刑事侦缉档案Ⅳ2017-04-19
It's not a big big thing if you leave me but I do feel I will miss you much miss you much...


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